Old Friend Health Care in Huntsville and Madison, AL

At Animal Medical Clinic, we support you in satisfying the healthcare needs of your elder four-footed companions. This way we contribute to giving them a greater life expectancy, while we monitor them closely to avoid any problems and to catch potential issues before they become life-threatening.

Our Senior Pet Health Care Services in Huntsville and Madison Include:

  • Fully-Body Examination that includes the heart and lungs, Full Blood Work that also checks for Thyroid issues, Urinalysis and Fecal exams.
  • Hearing and Eye Testing.
  • Preventative vaccines will be catered to each senior pets needs to provide the best protect and health of your senior pets.
  • Recommended Heartworm, Intestinal Parasite Protect, and Fleas and Tick Prevention based off your Senior pet's health and needs.
  • Dental Care and Prescription Dental Diet to Maintain Oral Health and Prevent Tooth Loss, Tartar, Periodontal Disease and to prevent oral disease form harming vital organs.
  • Nutrition Guidance for a Balanced Diet, in Order to Prevent Obesity and to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Excessive Sodium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.
  • Playtime Tips to Help Your Pets Exercise, in Order to Enhance Circulation and Maintain Muscle Tone.

What Changes in Behavior and Habits Should Alarm Me?

As your four-footed companions get older, it is expected for them to slow down and to experience hearing loss and vision loss to a certain level, but there are other changes that you should be aware of since they may not seem critical, but they could indicate health issues.

For instance, extremely lethargic behavior, excessive thirst and/or urination, increased or decreased appetite, lumps or bumps, significant changes in body weight, regular constipation or diarrhea, vomiting, heart murmur and breathing difficulties, among others.

If your pets are experiencing this type of change, book an appointment and bring them to the vet so that we can successfully manage the situation and prevent any possible disease.

How to Make Old Pals With Arthritis Feel More Comfortable?

Most pets tend to develop a certain degree of arthritic change as they grow old, which is particularly common in large breeds and many senior animals. When this happens, there are multiple treatments and supplements for dogs and cats to help stop arthritic changes and improve their joint health and mobility. Adequan is used in dogs to improve mobility and lessen the effects of arthritis. Solensia is used in cats for the same effect. Please give us a call to get your senior pet scheduled to get their joint health and mobility back on track.

Should I Worry About Lumps and Bumps?

With age advancement, many of our lovable pets start to develop lumps and bumps. Most often they are of no concern. However, we recommend having you pet examined to rule out any that may be of concern.

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