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Are you looking for an effective way to keep your pet healthy? Schedule your furry family member for an appointment today so we can keep its immune system strong and healthy. Animal Medical Clinic is proud to administer safe and effective pet vaccinations in Huntsville and Madison, AL. Call us at (256) 837-9700 or book an appointment online for your pet's vaccinations today!

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Are There Different Types of Pet Vaccinations?

There are two types of animal vaccinations - core and non-core vaccines. Core vaccines are those that your pet must receive, no matter the habits, environment, or age. Non-core vaccines are not required, but they may be recommended depending on your pet’s health, environment, and lifestyle. Here at Animal Medical Clinic, we have vaccines that are design specifically for cats and dogs separately to reduce any issues from vaccines' and can administer core and non-core vaccines for each pet's needs.

What are Core Dog Vaccinations?

We offer vaccines for Kittens, adult Cats, and Senior Cats. Our Senior Pets are offered a custom visit according to their life style and health needs. Kittens need boosters every 3 weeks until there 20 weeks of age on average. Adult Pets that have kept up on the vaccines need them once yearly. Some vaccines can be given every 3 year if your Pet is healthy and has been up to par on vaccines. The Core Vaccine recommended here in Alabama are:

- Rabies

- Feline Rhinotracheitis

- Feline Calicivirus

- Feline (Distemper) Panleukopenia.

What are Non-Core Dog Vaccines?

Non-Core Vaccines for Dogs are not require but should be considered if your pet has risk of exposure due to their lifestyle and/or geographic areas.  It highly depends on each dog. Bordetella Bronchiseptice (Kennel Cough), Canine Leptospirosis, and Lyme can be in some cases considered non-core vaccines.

What are Core Cat Vaccinations?

Animal Medical Clinic offers kitten and cat vaccines as well. Most of these are recommended annually to tri-annually to keep your cat healthy. The Core Feline Vaccinations include feline calicivirus (FCV), feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV1), feline panleukopenia (FPL), and rabies.

What are Non-Core Cat Vaccinations?

The non-core feline vaccinations in Huntsville and Madison are optional. The need for these will depend on your cat’s age, lifestyle, and location. These vaccines include the following: feline leukemia virus (FeLV), Bordetella bronchiseptica, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and Chlamydophila felis.Pet vaccines are necessary from the time your pet is a kitten or puppy. As with people, pets need vaccines in order to live a long and healthy life. Protect your pets from disease and schedule your visit today. Call us at (256) 837-9700 right now!

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