Pet Boarding

Boarding for Dogs and Cats

Let your pet be our guest! Our hospital offers spacious accommodations for dogs and cats, both large and small. For large dogs, we have roomy indoor runs and plenty of outdoor play space. Smaller dogs are welcomed into our cage wards, where fluffy towels await. Cats have a quiet area all their own, away from the barking. To help expedite the check in process you can download and complete the Boarding Admission Form and bring it with you to check in.

We only provided boarding to current established Animal Medical Clinic clients. Space is limited so please call and schedule early (especially around busy holidays).

The health and safety of our hospitalized and boarding patients is very important to us. This is why we have the following requirements for our boarding guests:

Boarding Requirements:

  • A Meet and Greet with the kennel staff before the scheduled boarding reservation. This visit helps us evaluate the needs of your pet to ensure they will be able to safely board with us. Some of the things assessed during this visit:
    • Is the pet aggressive? If we can not handle them we can not take care of them properly
    • Does the pet have medications that need to be administered outside of normal clinic hours? 
    • Does the pet have a medical diagnosis or severe separation anxiety to where is would be better for the pet to be in home care and/or need 24 hour observation and care?
  • Established client of at least 6 months
  •  Pet must have had a physical Exam within six months of boarding reservation
  • Vaccinations must be up to date or vaccines will be administered by our hospital staff
  • Canine Requirements
    • Rabies, Canine Distemper Parvovirus, Bordetella, Canine Influenza, Negative Intestinal Parasite Screen and current on a flea prevention
  • Feline Requirements
    • Rabies, Feline Distemper, Negative Intestinal Parasite Screen and current on a flea prevention

Veterinary Care and Services

One of the advantages of boarding at a veterinary hospital is that veterinary care is readily available should the need arise. Some pets experience separation anxiety and display symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, nose rubbing and digging due to a change in routine. If your pet becomes ill or exhibits any of the above mentioned symptoms we will contact you with a treatment plan that best suits your pets medical needs. Other services that we can provide while your pet is boarding with us include:

  • Examinations and Vaccinations
  • Grooming / Bathing / Nail Trims
  • Chiropractic and Acupuncture Services
  • Rehabilitation Services

Boarding Routine

  • Dogs
    • During the weekdays all dogs are fed, kennel cleaned, fresh bedding provided and let outside in individual fenced in areas three times daily or more frequently as needed and weather permitting
    • On weekends staff are on site in the morning and evening to care for the pets. The staff are in contact with the on call doctor at each shift
  • Cats
    • Cats are fed, kennel cleaned and given individual time out of the kennel to play in the cat ward twice daily
    • On weekends staff are on site in the morning and evening to care for the pets. The staff are in contact with the on call doctor at each shift


AMC feeds Purina EN (gastrointestinal protective diet) to our canine visitors and Purina Salmon and Rice to our feline visitors. You are welcome to bring your pet's normal diet especially if your pet is on a prescription diet for a medical condition. Feeding your pets normal diet during their stay can also help minimize some cases of gastroenteritis that is caused by an abrupt change in diet. Due to the risk of salmonellosis and other infections that con affect pets and people we do not allow raw diets.

Bedding and Belongings 

AMC will provide bedding and feeding bowls. Please be aware that in a boarding situation your pet may have behaviors they normally do not exhibit at home. Some of these behaviors can include: chew up/eat or destroy beds and toys you bring from home. These behaviors can lead to your pet becoming ill or needing emergency intestinal surgery. Please be sure to tell us if your pet has a history of these behaviors at home. AMC will make every attempt to send your items home cleaned and in good condition but we can not guarantee the condition of belongings at the end of a boarding stay.


At AMC our trained staff will administer your pet's medication as directed. Please bring all medication in their original bottles. If your pet runs out of its medication during their stay we can refill the prescription with a doctors approval. Please let the receptionist know if you will be needing refills at the time of check in. To help expedite the check in process you can download and complete the Boarding Medication Form and bring it with you when you check your pet into boarding.

Check In/Out

Check In Time:  10 am - 4 pm  Monday - Friday . This allows your pet to get settled in, have dinner and be let our before the clinic closes for the evening.

Check Out Time:  No later than 4 pm. 

There will be a $15 charge assessed for check ins/outs outside of these hours.

Patients receiving additional services (medical or grooming) may pick up when services have been completed.

Pets picked up after 5pm will be charged an extra day of boarding.

Boarding Fees

Dogs under 30 lbs$24.00 per day plus tax
Dogs 31 lbs - 60 lbs$27.50 per day plus tax
Dogs 61 lbs - 90 lbs$30.00 per day plus tax
Dogs 91 lbs and Over$32.50 per day plus tax
Cats any weight$24.00 per day plus tax

Hospitalization Boarding

In the event you have a pet with special needs that requires observation for existing health problems or higher levels of care:

Level One$13.20 Additional per day plus tax
Level Two$19.90 Additional per day plus tax
Level Three$26.50 Additional per day plus tax

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