Dental Radiographs in Huntsville and Madison, AL

If your pet needs a Dental Radiograph, we understand that you want it to be performed as safely as possible. Here at Animal Medical Clinic, we offer the best and most up-to-date digital radiography in Huntsville and Madison.

What Is a Dental Radiograph?

Dental Radiographs are an advanced diagnostic tool similar to Human Dentistry designed to allow us to virtually see all aspects of the tooth, outlining soft tissue, and bone around the mouth. When taking a dental radiograph it allows us to determine if a tooth is unhealthy, if the bone around the teeth are diseased, and to help examine the soft tissue of the mouth in awhile a physical exam can not. Dental radiographs are preformed while the patient is under sedation or anesthesia during there cleaning or in the event of an issue, sedated specifically for Dental Radiographs. Dogs and cats need Dental Cleaning like we do. With Dental Radiographs added in, we are able to possible save a tooth from needing an unneeded extraction just by taken a deeper look through Xrays.  At Animal Medical Clinic, all dogs and cats dental cleanings includes full mouth Dental Radiographs. If you would like to know more, please give us a call or schedule an appointment for a Dental Exam.

If you would like more information about our Dental Radiographs services, call us at (256) 837-9700 to schedule an appointment today.

The Benefits of Dental Radiographs:

  • Dental Radiographs Have a Higher Image Quality Than Regular Film X-rays
  • They Offer Instant Results, Allow For a Faster Diagnosis
  • There Is Less Radiation Exposure Than With Film X-rays
  • Digital Radiography Is Environmentally Friendly

Is Dental Radiology Painful or Harmful to My Pet?

Dental Radiographs are a completely painless procedure. Dental Radiographs are safer than ever for pets and humans alike, with minimal exposure to radiation, which is completely harmless.

Animal Medical Clinic is aware that when your pet needs a Dental Radiograph, you may be concerned, but rest assured that they are in good hands. Because of incredible advancements in technology, you don’t have to wonder whether you are doing what is best for your pet when you bring them into our animal hospital in Huntsville and Madison for a Dental Radiograph. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your pet at our vet clinic!

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