1.   Payment in full is expected when services are rendered. In order to focus on our patients' needs, customer service and minimizing costs, we do not bill.
2.  We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express), Tap Pay, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay. All cards must be signed by the owner of the card.
3.  CareCredit Program

When unexpected illness strikes a pet, unexpected expense strikes as well.  Animal Medical Clinic understands this and is able to make some special arrangements through the CareCredit program. It takes just five minutes to complete an application and will allow you to break down your payment into six monthly installments.  

Highlights of the CareCredit program:

  • Low Monthly Payments (3% of the Total Balance)
  • Interest Free For 6 Months
  • Determine Approval in a Few Minutes
  • No Annual Fee  

You can apply yourself online at:  www.CareCredit.com.

4.   Scratchpay

Scratchpay.com  offers simple and affordable payment plans for veterinary bills.  Checking your rate does not affect your credit, only takes a couple of minutes to apply and can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For more information about Scratchpay and to check your rate, click here: www.Scratchpay.com

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